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Keeping Track of Customers: More Than Just Eyeing Analytics

August 8, 2014 | Mike DiMarco | 2 comments

If you run a website that has had any sort of success over the past decade or so, you probably don’t need to hear another rant about the importance of analytics. Yes, analytics are key to web success and yes, if you can find a web analytics expert you should pay him well and listen very closely when he talks. With that said however, as SEO becomes more refined and visitors to websites become more and more targeted, you may […] Read More

The World Cup is Showing Us How Mobile Has ALREADY Changed the World

July 3, 2014 | Mike DiMarco | 0 comments

Whether or not you have spent the month of June #believingthatwewillwin, you can’t deny the power that the World Cup has to unite us all. Like the Olympics, every four years we get a chance to wear our patriotism on our sleeve for an event that isn’t about politics (usually) or violence (for the most part), but rather just about trying to win for the sake of winning. Four years ago when the U.S. Men’s National Team headed to South […] Read More

How Mobile Could Help Restore Net Neutrality

June 24, 2014 | Mike DiMarco | one comment

If you are not caught up to the ongoing saga that is Net Neutrality, here is a crash course:

In 2002, the FCC passed a regulation allowing cable internet providers to place restrictions on connection speeds of competing web properties. What followed was eight years of litigation and battles from both service providers and content producers that resulted in a major decision in late 2010. That decision, known as the Open Internet Order, which ensured that the internet would […] Read More

Creating Deja Vu in Web Design for Maximum Impact

June 9, 2014 | Tara Wright, COO | 3 comments

How many times have you met someone and within 10 seconds you’ve already forgotten their name? Well, (unless you’re lying) the answer is “more than a few”. The good news for you is that you are not just a jerk, you’re actually undergoing a very important psychological occurrence known as the Ebbinghaus Effect.

When we are presented with a new situation, our brains try to process every detail about what is going on. The reason we can’t remember someone’s […] Read More


App search, deeplinking, and the future of app pathways

May 19, 2014 | Tara Wright, COO | 0 comments

The Uphill Climb That is App Searching

While the world continues to go to war over whether apps or mobile websites will win the mobile space, a select few smart mobile minds have risen above and understand that both have their place. The next step then for content providers who recognize the importance of both platforms, is to become more sophisticated in the way we connect the two, particularly in how we handle app searching.

For the past decade, we […] Read More

Are Mobile Designers “Borrowing” a Little Too Much?

April 24, 2014 | Tara Wright, COO | 5 comments

Last week, the folks at Firefox debuted early screenshots of their upcoming Firefox 2.0 mobile operating system. The design is sleek, modern and looks far more useable than Firefox’s current OS. The only problem—it looks exactly like Apple’s iOS 7.

 While it would be easy to sit back and throw stones at the Mozilla crew for biting at Apple’s ankles, the truth of the matter is we see this all the time. First it was the world trying to […] Read More

Why 90% of Top Retailers are NOT Using Responsive Web Design

April 17, 2014 | Kate Nelson, General Manager | 2 comments


While businesses finally understand the value of having a mobile site, the means by which sites are being built still incites a fury among many designers.  A fury that starts and ends with the debate over responsive web design.  Responsive web design has been touted as the one-size-fits-all, best peg for the ‘w”hole mobile market by some in the industry.  And while there may be no practice in the mobile space that raises more heated debates than that of responsive […] Read More