Keeping tabs on the Mobile World Congress

March 1, 2012 | Mike DiMarco | 0 comments
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While we here at fiddlefly weren’t quite able to hop a plane to Barcelona for this week’s Mobile World Congress (MWC), we certainly made sure to keep close tabs on all the exciting developments that were announced from some of the biggest names in the mobile web community. While there were a few curveballs thrown in the way of specialty products, for the most part the announcements at MWC confirmed what most of us have been saying for some time: The future of mobile is increased speed, better connectivity, enhanced visibility, and of course, optimized web browsing.

The heavy hitters in the industry like Google and Facebook headlined the week’s events, but there were a few underdogs that were able to turn some heads. Companies like Nokia for example, which made big waves with its revolutionary new camera phone that outperforms most compact digital cameras, or Fujitsu who announced a new waterproof model phone, gave techies a glimpse into some of the fun new toys the mobile world has been waiting for.

While we all love checking out new devices, MWC is not just about the showroom. Some of the most important developments that come from the Mobile World Congress come in the form of speeches by industry gurus. Facebook’s CTO Bret Taylor’s speech for example, announced Facebook’s commitment to the mobile platform, and urged a major shift of all devices toward HTML5 to facilitate more effective mobile web browsing. Taylor also put a major emphasis on improving mobile billing technology, announcing a new “Pay Dialogue” billing system that will make purchase of apps more simple and streamlined.

Google, who many believe were the unquestioned juggernauts of MWC 2012 with its massive Android Market and numerous new products, sent its Chairman Eric Schmidt to give his keynote speech on the future of the mobile web. While Schmidt did sprinkle in a few teasers about some of Google’s upcoming projects (which let’s face it, we love to speculate about) his main focus was to drive attention towards not only where the mobile market is headed, but also how it will reshape the way we live and interact socially, with a specific focus on connectivity through cloud computing.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg from MCW, and while we could go on for days talking about great ideas and products that were unveiled, for now we’re just thrilled to hear so many brilliant minds in the mobile field talking about the same things we are. We know the mobile web is spreading, and while we don’t need to hear the report that there are 850,000 Android devices activated everyday, in order to take pride in what we’re doing, it certainly doesn’t hurt.

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